We are not only giving back to our Community since we first open our doors, but now it’s time to give back to you!

                                                                                                                                                       Proudly Introducing         

Amato Back-to Customer Appreciation!


How to win:


  1. Save your receipts, they are your ticket for a chance to enter the raffle for the gift of the month.
  2. At the end of the month bring all your receipts with YOUR NAME ON THE BACK and place them in the drawing bowl.
  3. The only way for you to win is for you to be PRESENT. If your name is called but you are not present, the next drawer who is here will be our winner of the month.
  4. The total on your receipt must be $25 and above.
  5. The more receipts you encounter the more your chances are that you are the winner.
  6. The receipt is only valid for the purchases of within that specific month.


Drawing date is the first TUESDAY following the end of each month at 7:00 pm.


All in all, we would love to send a big Thank You for your support. Without you we would not be who we are today.

 Once a family wins for a specific month, they may NOT re-enter until 6 months later; in order for a chance for everyone to win.

Thank You again and Enjoy the rest of your day.


PS- Good luck!

*Each month there will be a different prize, we will update each months prize on the 1st of every month.

Don’t believe how EASY That You Could Win? Ask Any of Our Winners! What’s the Next Excuse for Not Joining in on the Fun Night? Highlighted=Big Winner!



August   Tablet

  1. Staycee

September  Laptop

  1. Angela

October     Camera

  1. Robbsen

November  Samsung Smart Tv

  1. Ellen Mapser

December Vizio Smart TV
1. Steve Dyson
January       Bose Speakers
1. Gary Smith
February  Hisense TV 40”
1.Craig Spink
March Hisense Tv 50”
1.Randy Ruiz
April Samsung Note Tablet
1. Gary Moore
1. Mrs. Carvajal
1. Liz
August  JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Cheryl S
September  JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Tracy D
October JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Darwin
November  JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Michelle
December  JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Alice Frankina
January  JVC 55’ LED HDTV
1. Lisa Stine
February Vizio 50’ Smart TV
1. Barry & Loretta
March Vizio 65’ Smart TV
1. John & Janice
April Vizio 65’ Smart TV
1. Dawson Williams
May  Vizio 55’ Smart TV
1. Dan Livngston
June  Vizio 60’ Smart TV

1. Warren L
July Vizio
65’Smart TV
1. Minaxi
August Vizio TV 55”
    1. Carol Livingston
September Vizio TV 65”
        1. Ray Matthews
October TCL TV 55”
1. Betty Joroski
November Samsung TV 55”
1. Lee & Scott
December Samsung TV 55”
1. Darwin

January 50” Samsung TV
1. Rick G
February 55” Vizio TV
1. Diana S
March 50” Samsung TV
1. Dan Livingston
April 55” Samsung TV
1. Angela
May 55” TV
1. Jen Primmer
June 55” TV
1. John & Janice
July 55” TV
1. Julie Manning
August 55” TV
1. Lee & Scotty
September  50” TV
1. Mary
October 50” TV
1. R Cels
November 55” TV
1. Craig Spink
December 55” TV